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Advokátní kancelář


FKM Legal s.r.o. advokátní kancelář is a small law firm based in Prague, which provides legal services in all major fields of law.

About us

Our company is founded on the core value of providing legal services in a way that would lead to the satisfaction of both the client and the law firm, and which would correspond more closely to the concept of advocacy as a business. We believe that client satisfaction can only be achieved by providing high-quality legal services, as well as understanding the desired objectives of the provided legal services, through team collaboration. The key to client satisfaction is the individual approach we provide to each client. With the help of our experience in various fields of law, we offer the most acceptable and most effective solution to our clients, whether they are entrepreneurs, public corporations or individuals. Due to our language skills, we provide legal services not only in the Czech language, but we also focus on Russian and English-speaking clients.

Our motto is:

"To everyone's satisfaction"



Our law firm provides legal services for business owners and companies. Our priority is to provide legal services in order to prevent the problems that entrepreneurs face in their business activities. We realize well-written documentation can both prevent disputes between the parties, and avert or reduce the risk of fines, by public authorities. Where judicial or administrative proceedings are already unavoidable, we provide all legal services related to representation in these proceedings.
Members of our law firm have many years of experience in providing legal services to municipalities, both in the field of public administration, and in the field of private law.

In regards to entrepreneurs, we specialize, among other things, in the following:

– contracts and agreements, sale, donation, rental, and employment contracts, as well as loan or credit agreements, etc .;
– escrow services;
– securing debts with collateral, guarantees, financial guarantees, and other instruments;
– ownership rights and transfers, co-ownership, and other rights in rem (servitude, lien, etc.);
– setting up of legal entities, including limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, and cooperatives;
– amendments to articles of association, charters, and amendments to entries in the Commercial Register;
– liquidation of legal entities;
– transfers of shares in commercial companies;
– legal services regarding public procurement;
– protection of personal data – a list of information on the processing of personal data, consents to the processing of personal data and legal analysis related to general EU regulation on personal data protection (GDPR);
– legal advice to e-shops, consisting of ensuring the protection of personal data, as well as the creation of business conditions and other related contractual documentation;
– labour law – drafting of labour law documentation (employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship, dismissal, etc.) and legal analysis;
– construction law – representation of applicants for the issuing of zoning decisions and building permits; representing other participants inland or construction proceedings;
– insolvency law – in particular, the representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings, and in disputes related to insolvency proceedings;
– legal defense of entrepreneurs and members of their statutory bodies, or partners, in criminal proceedings, representation of victims in criminal proceedings, etc.


Providing legal services to municipalities

Representation of municipalities in court proceedings, legal assistance for administrative bodies.

Property Law

Providing legal services during transfer of ownership, leases, liens and servitudes, contributions of property into the registered capital of a business corporation.


Commercial Law

Setting up companies, legal assistance for business owners, drafting business contracts.

Natural persons

FKM Legal s.r.o. advokátní kancelář is ready to assist individuals in all major areas of law. We provide legal services in both civil law and administrative or criminal law. Whether you need to draw up a donation deed, analyze an employment contract for your future job, representation in misdemeanor proceedings, or help with a residence permit, our law firm is at your disposal.


When providing legal services to individuals, we specialize in the following areas:

issues of ownership and transfers, co-ownership and other rights in rem, such as servitude and liens;
– condominium – transfers of residential and non-residential units, establishment of associations of unit owners, legal analysis in the field of housing co-ownership, drafting of statutes of associations of unit owners, participation in meetings of unit owners’ associations;
– escrow services of funds as well as documents;
– transfers of cooperative shares;
– Immigration law – representation in proceedings before the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, and before administrative courts in matters of residence permits;
– legal services regarding granting citizenship of the Czech Republic;
– recovery of claims in court proceedings, enforcement and insolvency;
– construction law – representation of applicants during the issuance of a zoning decision and building permit, representation of other participants in zoning or construction proceedings;
– defence in criminal proceedings, representation of victims in criminal proceedings, drafting of criminal complaints and preparation of legal analysis in the field of criminal law, etc.

Civil Law

Drafting of contracts, inheritance proceedings, legal custody, recovery of claims, legal assistance for homeowners’ associations, representation in enforcement proceedings.

Insolvency Law

Drafting applications in insolvency proceedings, incidental disputes, representation of debtors and creditors.

Criminal Law

Criminal defense, representation of victims in criminal proceedings.

We provide consultations in Czech, Russian and English.


Our law firm cooperates with expert translators of the company Scientific team s.r.o.


The body for extrajudicial solution of disputes is the Czech Bar Association with the registered office in Prague / email: (clients – consumers). The individual companies respect completely the professional regulations of individual activities. All the communication between the clients and the companies is fully confidential.

FKM LEGAL client

"Pleasant and professional approach to finding a solution“

Very professional attitude. Before accepting my case, the attorney had evaluated all the circumstances including the litigation costs; much appreciated approach indeed.  From the first moment, I felt the attorney had a great overview of my case and was trying to find the best solution.  Highly recommended.
Tomáš Derner

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