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FKM Legal s.r.o. advokátní kancelář is a small law firm based in Prague, which provides legal services in all major fields of law.
Our motto is: ``Everyone can be satisfied.``
Our company is founded on the core value of providing legal services in a way that would lead to the satisfaction of both the client and the law firm, and which would correspond more closely to the concept of advocacy as a business. We believe that client satisfaction can only be achieved by providing high-quality legal services, as well as understanding the desired objectives of the provided legal services, through team collaboration. The key to client satisfaction is the individual approach we provide to each client. With the help of our experience in various fields of law, we offer the most acceptable and most effective solution to our clients, whether they are entrepreneurs, public corporations or individuals. Due to our language skills, we provide legal services not only in the Czech language, but we also focus on Russian and English-speaking clients.

FKM Legal s.r.o. advokátní kancelář

Information on the extrajudicial solution of disputes

The body for extrajudicial solution of disputes is the Czech Bar Association with the registered office in Prague http://www.cak.cz / email: epodatelna@cak.cz (clients - consumers). The individual companies respect completely the professional regulations of individual activities. All the communication between the clients and the companies is fully confidential.